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I grew up in a multilingual household, speaking French with my mom and German with my dad. It was also a very musical household: it seemed as though the stereo was always playing Mozart's Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute or a selection from Weill's Threepenny Opera—an intense combination, to say the least, but a combination with character, nonetheless.


When I was small, I wove intricate, devastating 5-act dramas, casting my Barbies or my Polly Pockets to bring my vision to light. It was back-breaking work: tying up the loose ends, making sure my epic narrative's antagonist was brought to justice, perhaps squeezing in an improvised, eleventh-hour musical number. It was also a great deal of fun, and it helped me hone my willingness to trust and try my ideas. Perhaps this marks the start of my trajectory as a storyteller.


I am deeply committed to creation and discovery. Thanks to the unique relationship established between performer and audience member, theatre—like my paralleled interest for design, illustration, music, and writing—provides a one-of-a-kind outlet for creation, discovery, and empowerment. As a performer, I am inspired every day to continually discover what it is to be a multidimensional human through the stories I tell. 


I am particularly committed to investigating the ingenues in musical theatre canon, as this archetypal role is one I’ve had the chance to explore in depth as an actress. How can I empower these female-identifying characters whilst staying true to the stories from which they originate? I have a creative opportunity and responsibility to redefine their stories through my own unique experiences and to inspire my community as a result of these discoveries. 

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