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Lessons with Josephine

Hi there! My name is Josephine, and I am a French tutor and private teacher, as well as an English writing mentor and audition coach. My aim is to offer engaging and encouraging lessons, and to meet my students where they're at, that we may grow and learn together. I invite you to navigate this page in order to learn more about me and the kinds of services I offer. Please contact me if you have any questions-I'm more than happy to answer them!


Coucou! Je m'appelle Joséphine. Je donne des cours de français particuliers pour tous niveaux ainsi qu'en rédactions anglaise. Je prépare des cours engageants et pédagogiques adaptés à l'âge et au niveau de mes élèves afin qu'ils puissent progresser rapidement dans leur parcours scolaires. Je vous invite à visiter mon site pour tous compléments d'informations. Vous pouvez aussi me contacter, je serais ravie de répondre à vos questions.

Beach day

Summer offers

From June - July, get 30% off when you purchase a 10-lesson package!

Enrollment is now OPEN for the Intro to French Intensive and Summer Academic Support courses!


6 weeks. Meet once or twice a week 1 on 1 online. Optional weekly conversation group meetings.

All classes presently available through Zoom.
Inquire about pricing, packages, custom plans, and enrollment by filling out the submission form below, or by emailing

Private French Lessons

45 minutes - $40

1 hour - $50

Ages 13+

Personally-curated private lesson plan built to address the student's age, interests, and language goals. Lessons are structured by unit, and students receive a monthly lesson plan with specific goals in mind. Opportunities to immerse oneself in the language with a balanced curriculum of culture, communication, vocabulary, and grammar. Lessons offer supplementary homework to help students solidify new concepts and review them.

French Tutoring

45 minutes - $40

1 hour - $50

For students in middle school to university-level classes.

Academic support for students currently pursuing French in grade school and college. Together, we will discuss your goals and challenges, and build your understanding of French grammar, orthography, speaking, or anything else you might like to work on!

AP French Mentoring

45 minutes - $40

1 hour - $50

An intensive style of tutoring that aims to help students prepare for the AP French exam. Students review grammar and practice advanced listening and speaking situations. The month leading up to the exam (in May) are geared towards drilling timed writing strategies for the email and argumentative essay portions of the exam. Supplementary homework will also be assigned.

Essay Mentoring

30 minutes - $25

1 hour - $40

A flexible service meant to assist students on essays and writing assignments. Collaborative process: brainstorming an essay prompt, developing an outline, working through first and final drafts, and formatting citations correctly are all common and valuable goals. Students may elect to meet once, or several times as they develop their work.​ This is not an editing service.

"Un P'tit Café" Conversation Group

$5 sign-up

FREE for enrolled students


Monthly meetings, free for enrolled students. For students who can communicate in the present tense. Every month will have a different theme or topic, and the instructor will be present to lead and facilitate conversation. Up to 7 students can enroll for each meeting. Meetings may be cancelled or rescheduled if attendance is low (2 or fewer students sign up).

La Phonétique

45 minutes - $40

1 hour - $50

French phonetics is hard, and that's just putting it lightly! This package focuses exclusively on French pronunciation rules and patterns, and is especially well-suited for singers who wish to sing French lyrics, or French learners approaching fluency who would like to master the rhythmic and phonetic quirks of French.

Sign up for classes and book your complimentary trial lesson today!

Martha, MA

French lessons

Josephine is an excellent teacher! She tailors her lessons to your goals and your level. She also is very encouraging which made me feel safe to try even if I was wrong. Her lessons are very organized, and she's very knowledgeable about the French language. Highly recommend!
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