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Hello there!

Thank you for navigating my way—enjoy!

Josephine is a New York-based actor and singer hailing from the foggy, foggy San Francisco peninsula, CA. A Masters of Fine Arts graduate at the Boston Conservatory as of May 2020, Josephine aims to apply her enthusiasm for the arts in all facets, be they performance, pedagogy, or dramaturgy—really, as long as she can keep learning something new every day, she'll be thrilled.

Upcoming projects & updates

Because He Was A Weasel is now available on Spotify! In 2021, I had the opportunity to collaborate on a children's album with composer Eleanor Aversa and a team of talented Berklee musicians. This project was a really special opportunity, and I'm so grateful to not only have sung on this album, but to have contributed some lyrics and translations as well. Go check it out!


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